Desperately Seeking Chincho

Published September 08, 2007 by Chincho the Pug.
Filed under Amber, Siberian Hussy, Salmon Cottage .

The date: September 2, 2007. The time: Between 8-9 am. Unbeknownst to Chincho, it was a day that would change his life (and his perception of women) forever! It was a typical Sunday morning for Chincho...he woke up, did some stretching, enjoyed a healthy portion of chicken and fish, when he decided to go for a stroll. The stroll was nice, but upon his arrival back home, he knew something had changed.

He noticed a new beauty that moved into the salmon cottage next door. Always the gentle-pug, Chincho had to go over and introduce himself (as it is commonly known, pugs are very warm and trusting beings). Her name was Amber, a Siberian Husky.

What began as nice a game of "Sniff & Spin" quickly turned into inappropriate fondling of Chincho's "jewels." Chincho kept his wits about him and immediately excused himself from her immoral behavior! Word spread quickly throughout Shady Acres about how Amber (AKA Siberian "Hussy") could not control herself. Her insatiable appetite for the opposite sex has the entire community up in arms!

Please note that Chincho is no prude, but this was the Sabbath...otherwise, he sort of enjoyed himself. Of course, Chincho's voicemail is now full of messages from Amber, who just can't seem to get enough (Could she have gotten this from her mother??? Chincho plans to investigate!). Staying true to form, Chincho will not return her phone calls for three days (he has to keep her wondering). It seems to be working thus far.